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Kentuckians are facing tough times and deserve a governor who shows up and brings people together to get real results. 


But whether it’s covering for Matt Bevin’s unconscionable pardons of murderers and child rapists, supporting plans to dismantle public education or even lying about a grand jury, Daniel Cameron doesn’t care about doing his job, protecting our communities or your kids. Each and every time, he only does what is best for his own political career. 


So why would we trust him as governor? 

Let’s take a look at how Daniel Cameron has already proven he doesn’t care about Kentuckians by failing to do his job.

Covering for Matt Bevin’s Pardons
For Violent Criminals:

When disgraced former Governor Matt Bevin spent his last weeks in office releasing more than a dozen violent criminals from prison — including a man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and nearly killing a 15-year-old boy, along with a convicted felon whose brother contributed to Bevin's campaign — Daniel Cameron promised Kentuckians the scandal was "something we'll look at.” Over 1,100 days later, Cameron has refused to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the corrupt pardons. Instead, Cameron hired and surrounded himself with Bevin's closest cronies, including those who helped Bevin pardon all these criminals — even one who was pardoned for homicide in a fatal home invasion after his family raised $21,500 for Bevin. It’s no surprise Bevin's allies are financing Cameron's campaign. If Daniel Cameron can’t be trusted to deliver on his word regarding sexual predators, why would we trust him as governor?


Attacking Public Schools and PENSIONS for Teachers, Police and Firefighters:

Daniel Cameron strongly supports a scheme that would have led to an unconstitutional voucher system that means millions of taxpayer dollars meant for struggling public schools would be ripped away to benefit rich private schools. At a time when Kentucky is already facing a teacher shortage, Cameron’s harmful scheme would be devastating for kids, parents and schools. This is especially true in rural Kentucky, where there are less private schools and public schools are a major employer. Furthermore, Cameron would have stood by Matt Bevin’s unconstitutional “Sewer Bill” that dismantled pensions for public school teachers, police and firefighters. If Daniel Cameron is going to pick winners and losers when it comes to our kid’s education and not even defend hard-earned retirements for teachers, why would we trust him to be our governor?


Lied About a Grand Jury:

In one of the biggest and most closely watched cases his office faced, instead of putting politics aside and following the facts and his constitutional duties after the death of Breonna Taylor, Daniel Cameron choked, completely mishandled the case, and then lied about it. First, a former attorney general said Cameron and his team made “a legal mistake” in how they presented the case. Second, when Cameron eventually spoke out, members of the grand jury filed a petition to impeach Cameron for lying about how and what decisions were made. With one member of the grand jury saying Cameron used them “as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility," adding that led to "more seeds of doubt in the process." If Daniel Cameron bungled the biggest case and then lied about it, why would we trust him to deliver during tough times as governor?


How else do we know
Cameron can’t be trusted?


Just look at what his fellow Republicans
have been saying about him:

Kelly Craft and her allies have called Cameron a

soft on crime” and “establishment teddy bear.

During a debate, Craft accused Cameron of accepting $129,000 in campaign contributions related to a company that then sued Kentucky, saying he chose “donations over representing the state of Kentucky."

Craft’s campaign released an ad highlighting Cameron’s relationship with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, claiming Cameron would rather follow than lead.”

Craft’s and Cameron’s sparring during the debate led to criticism from fellow candidate Alan Keck, who claimed “the last10 minutes are why people are sick of politics in America.

AFTER the debate, Ryan Quarles noted that, unlike the other candidates, he would be focusing on “issues not insults,” and that “It’s important that Republicans nominate a candidate who can unite the party,” alluding that Cameron is not that candidate.

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